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Sedona Permanent Jewelry Experience

Introducing the Sedona Permanent Jewelry Experience

*New Sedona Permanent Jewelry Location NOW OPEN in Uptown Sedona!

Address: 276 N State Rte 89A E2, Sedona, AZ 86336

Discover the newest addition to our lineup: Sedona Permanent Jewelry. Embrace the elegance of timeless jewelry without compromise! We specialize in crafting custom pieces using high-quality materials such as 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains.

Upon your arrival, explore our exquisite collection of delicate gold chains. Rest assured, all our permanent jewelry chains are made in the USA and are resistant to tarnishing. To ensure a perfect fit, our expert team will measure your wrist, ankle, neck, or finger, creating personalized jewelry that is uniquely yours.

Here's How Permanent Jewelry Works:

  1. Choose chain options that catch your eye. Our skilled stylist will guide you in designing your stunning welded jewelry.

  2. During your appointment, feel free to add or switch chains or charms as you please.

  3. Upon check-in, share your chain selections with our stylist.

  4. When it's your turn to be seated, simply sit back and enjoy your unforgettable permanent jewelry experience.

Experience the Seamless Process

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, we recommend booking your appointment online to secure your spot. Walk-ins are also welcome, although there may be a wait. Each appointment is scheduled for a 10-minute time slot per person, so kindly book one appointment for each member of your party.

Upon your arrival, immerse yourself in our store as you explore a diverse range of chains and charms. Take your time, as this selection process typically lasts between 5 to 10 minutes.

Our Spark Stylists will carefully measure your wrist and create a custom-made piece that fits you perfectly.

Before finalizing your jewelry, you'll have the opportunity to review and sign off on a three-point inspection. This ensures that the weld is secure, the chain remains intact, and the sizing is just right.

What to Expect during your Appointment:

  1. Explore and try on various chains to discover your favorites.

  2. Provide your sizing approval for the perfect fit.

  3. Witness the Spark process as our experts bring your jewelry to life.

  4. Rest assured as we conduct a quality check to ensure impeccable craftsmanship.

  5. Receive valuable aftercare instructions to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

  6. Complete your purchase and don't forget to tag us in your pictures @sedonapermenantjewelry on IG!

Book your appointment now for an unforgettable experience!

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Whether it's a special occasion or a bonding experience with your BFF, Girl Gang, Siblings, or Significant Other, Sedona Permanent Jewelry is the ideal choice. Make a lasting connection and book your Sedona Permanent Jewelry experience at our location in Uptown Sedona.


14K Gold Filled

Price Varies

Rings: $40 - $80

Bracelets: $60 - $100

Anklets: $70 - $110

Necklaces: $80 - $120

Sterling Silver

Price Varies

Rings: $40 - $70

Bracelets: $60 - $90

Anklets: $70 - $100

Necklaces: $80 - $110


All charms are an additional

$18 - $25 each


How does permanent jewelry work?

Discover our Simple Process:

1. Choose from 14k gold filled or sterling silver chains.
2. Sit with our Spark Stylist for 5-10 minutes.
3. We measure wrist, finger, neck, or ankle for sizing.
4. Weld the jump ring, ensuring no breakage.
5. Leave with your perfect piece!

Can I add charms later?

No Rush! Add Charms Anytime to Your Sedona Permanent Jewelry Piece at Jaliza Luxury Spa & Beauty Lounge.

Is permanent jewelry TSA approved?

Travel with Confidence: Our Permanent Jewelry is Security-Friendly.


Rest assured, we prioritize the security of your welded jewelry before you leave. However, while our Sedona Permanent Jewelry pieces are crafted for durability, they are not indestructible. Should you need to remove or repair your permanent jewelry, we are here to assist.

For reworked jewelry, a small service fee of $10 - $20 applies to minor repairs. If your jewelry has been significantly altered or neglected, a new piece may be required. In cases where the chain needs reworking, it can be done at half the original cost. Please note that once a chain is cut, we cannot lengthen it, necessitating the purchase of a new chain for length adjustments.

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