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Mega Volume Eyelashes

Full Set: $200
1 Week Fill: $75
2 Week Fill: $85
3 Week Fill: $100

Mega Volume set is an advanced technique. We create handmade 8-13 dimensional fans out of cashmere mink and apply 1 to each of your natural lashes. Mega Volume is perfect for those who desire a more dramatic look.


Volume Eyelashes

Full Set: $175
1 Week Fill: $55
2 Week Fill: $65
3 Week Fill: $75

Our volume set is the perfect blend of classic and volume, providing you with both volume fans and classic lashes. A mixed set gives you both the fullness of volume and the wispy texture of classic. This is a great way to add drama without going full mega.


Natural Eyelashes

Full Set: $155
1 Week Fill: $45
2 Week Fill: $55
3 Week Fill: $65

The classic technique of applying a single eyelash extension to one natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect if you would like to achieve a more natural appearance.


Eyelash Lift


An eyelash lift is a perfect option if you have long or straight eyelashes and look to get a natural lifted curl. An eyelash lift may last up to 6-8 weeks. It is a great alternative option if you are not the right candidate for eyelash extensions.


Eyelash Lift & Tint


An eyelash lift-and-tint treatment is perfect for someone with straight and blonde eyelashes. In this process, we lift your eyelashes first. Then we tint your eyelashes with a semi-permanent dye, giving you weeks of naturally dark lashes without the assistance of mascara. The dye is applied for 10 minutes while your eyes are closed. It is a quick and painless process.


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